Here are some helpful tips to keep progesterone from being such a pain in the butt. Literally.

First: Before injecting, warm the progesterone up to body temperature. Probably the easiest was is to put it in your bra for half an hour before injection. Progesterone is dissolved in oil and cool oil is more viscous. Warm oil moves out of the needle easier and absorbs easier.

Second: Ice the area. Many fertility clinics say not to ice the area before injecting and we certainly understand why… if the whole site is cold the progesterone is going to have a very hard time absorbing. Icing a very small area however is not a problem. Try using the corner of an ice cube for about a minute to numb just the area of the injection. This will make the shot itself as pain free as possible.

Third: Do it quick. The faster the needle passes through the skin the less painful it will be.

Finally: Use a heating pad on the area for twenty minutes or so. This will increase the circulation to the area and help the progesterone absorb completely. No more painful lumps!

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